Communication Problems
(please consult your doctor or speech therapist)
Some people may have difficulties in pronunciation, expression or comprehension because of brain damage due to strokes, dementia or other reasons.

Types of communication problem include:

  1. Aphasia
    Difficulties in the use of language, including the ability to speak, to understand, or to read and write
  2. Dysarthria
    Slurred speech because muscles in the throat or oral cavity are not functioning properly or are weakened
  3. Cognitive impairment
    Problems with memory, thinking, comprehension and expression due to the degeneration of brain functions; common with demented patients

Communication Skills

  • Don't talk to the person in a noisy environment
  • Don't have more than one person talking to them at the same time
  • Don't answer questions for them; give them time to respond Avoid changing the subject; if changed, guide them to the new subject
  • Don't laugh at the errors in their speech


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