2. Preventive Measures

  • Pressure relief
  • Frequent turning and massage
  • Extra skincare
  • Increase physical activity
  • Improve nutritional status
a) Pressure relief
  • Proper posture when sitting or lying down
  • Use pillows to buffer pressure points
  • When lying on the side, put a pillow between the legs to keep them from pressing against each other
  • Chairs and wheelchairs should be of the right height, depth and width


Pressure relief devices: (please consult medical staff)

  • Supportive cushions for even distribution of pressure
  • Elbow and heel protectors
  • Ripple beds
b) Frequent turning and massage
  • Change postures at least every two hours
  • After turning, massage the previous pressure points:
    1. Using lotion/oil, massage gently by making circles or the figure 8
    2. Check the patient's skin, if there are signs of skin breakdown, stop at once and seek medical advice
c) Extra skincare
  • Inspect skin condition regularly
  • Keep skin clean and moisture-free
  • Apply moisturizing lotion to keep skin from cracking
  • Avoid friction to the skin
  • Don't use restrainers as far as possible
  • Smooth out clothes and bed sheets to minimize creases

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