HKU COA JMK Dementia Care Scholarships

About the Scholarships

In 2013, the Sau Po Centre on Ageing received a HK$1,000,000 donation from Mr. Joe Ma and Dr. Karen Cheung to celebrate their JMK China wedding anniversary. The donation has been designated to support the academic initiatives in dementia care with an aim to raising public awareness and care to dementia patients, their families and caregivers. Part of the donation has contributed to establish a scholarships scheme starting from the academic year 2013-14 to support the research studies of research postgraduate (RPG) students. At present, each scholarship is of the value of HK$10,000 which is awarded on annual basis.



Who is eligible?

  • The candidates should be pursing full-time or part-time MPhil or PhD programmes in any faculty in HKU, and whose research studies should be related to the area of dementia care whereas the principle of dementia care applies to all disciplines, including but not limited to psychosocial, socio-behavioral, health, nursing, education, and architectural elements.
  • The candidates should demonstrate academic merits and significance of their research studies in improving and enhancing care to dementia patients, their families and caregivers.
  • The candidates must have passed their probation and have their dissertation research proposal approved by their supervisors.
  • Each student can only be awarded the Scholarships once in the course of his/her RPG programme.
  • The Centre shall reserve the right to determine the eligibility of an applicant and the relevance of his/her research study to dementia care.

How to apply?

Applicants should submit a completed nomination form with recommendation by their supervisor and endorsement by their department head (or Faculty Dean, if applicable), together with their dissertation research proposal, to the Sau Po Centre on Ageing by post (2/F, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong) or by email (

The research proposal should consist of the following:

   (i)   Project title/ area of interest
   (ii)  Literature review/ key references on related work including alternative approaches to the problem
   (iii)  Research problems/ questions
   (iv)  Objectives of the study
   (v)   Expected outcomes
   (vi)  Research plan and methodology
   (vii) Key references
   (viii) A plan to use the monetary award in the research implementation and the expected outcome or achievements.

Award of Scholarships

All award recipients should acknowledge the “Sau Po Centre on Ageing, The University of Hong Kong” and the “HKU COA JMK Dementia Care Scholarships” in all forms of publicity, reports and/or publications related to their research studies.   They should submit a report to the donor through the Centre between the 6th and 12th months after the confirmation of the award.  The report should include the outcome or achievements contributed by the award, and the latest development of the research studies.

The Sau Po Centre on Ageing shall inform the successful candidate(s) of the decision of the selection panel for the Scholarships.

Information available in HKU Scholarships’ website



Academic year 2020-21

Task Time
Nomination May - June 2021
Evaluation by Selection Panel July - August 2021
Confirmation of Awardees August 2021



Academic year 2019-2020

Awardee Project Title
Ms. CAI Xinxin (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
The impact of a task-shifting approach on inequities in access to dementia and depression services among older adults
Mr. CHEN Shuangzhou Kevin (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Meaning-making choice of dementia working caregivers
Miss LIN Sin Yi Rose (Ph.D. Student)
School of Nursing
Effects of a multimodal intervention on neuropsychiatric symptoms, cognitive function and health-related quality of life of persons with mild cognitive impairment: A randomized controlled trial

Academic year 2018-19

Awardee Project Title
Mr. CHOY Chak Pui Jacky (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Developing a Conceptual Model on Family Preparedness for Future Caregiving in Dementia
Ms. ZHANG Yan Anna (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
The Role of Engagement in Affecting Outcomes of People with Dementia Receiving Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Academic year 2017-18

Awardee Project Title
Ms. LING Cheuk Chi Gigi (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
When Cancer meets Dementia: an interpretative phenomenological study of the end-of-life experience of comorbid dementia & cancer from the perspective of formal and informal caregivers
Ms. YEK Po Loi Olive (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Efficacy of an evidence-based individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for people with dementia and their caregivers

Academic year 2014-15

Awardee Project Title
Mr. NG Fai Hung Patrick (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
A Study on the relationship between wisdom and psychological well-being among dementia caregivers

Academic year 2013-14

Awardee Project Title
Ms. LAU Bobo Hi Po (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Psychology
The Role of Trait Gratitude in Coping with Dementia Caregiving
Ms. WANG Junfang (Ph.D. Student)
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
The role of filial discrepancy in stress and coping process among Chinese adult children dementia caregivers: Effects on life satisfaction