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Research Coordinator

Ms. Mandy LAU

Ms. Lau graduated from HKU Master of Statistics and worked for Sau Po Centre on Ageing for many years. She participated in several Government committed studies and worked closely with NGOs.

Tel      : (852) 3917 1760
E-mail :



Mr. Jacky CHOY

Mr. Choy is a researcher in gerontology and geriatrics. He received his Master of Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) and Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. During his Master study, he was interested in the distress and appraisal of caregiving experience among family caregivers of patients with psychosis. Over the past few years, he has been participating in research studies involving various aspects of elderly care, such as psychosocial intervention for depressed older adults, well-being of dementia family caregivers, and relationship between cognitive functions and lifestyle among the retired young-old. His current research interests focus on geriatric depression, family caregiving in mental illness, psychosocial intervention and instrument validation.

Tel      : (852) 3917 0079
E-mail :



Senior Research Assistant

Mr. CHAN On Fung

Mr. Chan is a researcher in gerontology and social policy. He received his MPhil in Social Sciences (Social Gerontology) and Bachelor of Social Sciences in Contemporary Social Issues and Policy from Lingnan University. He is currently a senior research assistant in Sau Po Centre on Ageing. His research interests focus on dementia caregiving, surrogate decision making, institutional care, informal care and long-term care policy.

Tel      : (852) 3917 7398
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Miss Clio CHENG


Tel      : (852) 2831 5227
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Ms. Winkie FUNG


Tel      : (852) 3917 1755
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Ms. Emily LEUNG

Miss Leung has an academic background in health promotion and public health administration. In the past year, she has been involving in research studies on dementia care support and cognitive behavioral intervention for psychosis. Dementia, ageing and well-being, non-pharmacological treatment of age-related diseases are some areas of her research interests.

Tel      : (852) 3917 0080
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Ms. Fiona LEUNG


Tel      : (852) 3917 1762
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Research Assistant

Name Tel E-mail
Adelaide AU (852) 2831 5587
Celine AU YEUNG (852) 3917 1759
Samuel CHAN (852) 3917 1764
Stacey CHAN (852) 3917 1761
Benita CHENG (852) 2831 5212
Shan Shan CHENG (852) 3910 2117
Justin CHEUNG (852) 3917 0059
Winnie CHOI (852) 3917 1766
Vicky CHUNG (852) 3917 1763
Maggie MA (852) 3917 4753
Carolyn LEE (852) 3917 0058
Laurie LUI (852) 2831 5336
Debbie TSOI (852) 2831 5209
Terence YANG (852) 2831 5213
Sara YAU (852) 2831 5184

IT Officer

Name Tel E-mail
William SO (852) 2831 5576