20th Anniversary


Dedicated to Every Older Adult




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20th Anniversary Research Seminar Series

6 June, 2019

International Symposium and Wisdom Practice Session on Family Caregiving: Policy, Research and Practice

cum 20th Anniversary Celebration of Sau Po Centre on Ageing, HKU

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5 June, 2019

Seminar on "So What? Stories from UK Social Work Impact Evidence to the Research Excellence"


14 May, 2019

Seminar on "A New Approach to Accelerating Innovation and Discovery in Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease"


17 April, 2019

Seminar on "Long-term Care is at a Crossroads in Japan"


25 March 2019

Seminar on "Active & Healthy Ageing: A New Technological Paradigm"


4 March 2019

研究講座 : 上海高齡體弱居家老人主要親屬照顧者調查及完善精準支持的思考

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14 December, 2018

Seminar on "Confronting Ageism and Increasing Age Diversity: Developing an Age-friendly University"

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25 October, 2018



23 August, 2018

Seminar on "Mobile Apps and the Informal Caregiving of Elders in Singapore"


13 July, 2018

Seminar on "Hong Kong Ageing 2.1 Image,Capacity and Vulnerability"