Strategic Research Focuses

The Centre focuses on enhancing the quality of life of elderly through gerontology research. We have a strong research team which comprises experts in different areas of gerontology. The team investigates into various ageing-related issues through multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural studies in conjunction with local and overseas experts.  To guide our studies to development direction, we have identified several strategic research focuses by theme and by population:

Research by themes


Research by population


Other than the research themes, our researchers also look into issues faced by different populations.  For example, the team has devoted a lot of effort in dementia studies such as non-pharmacological interventions (e.g. cognitive stimulation therapy) and caregiver support for dementia patients. We have developed family-based intervention programme for caregivers of stroke patients. We also investigates into the difference in ageing process between people with Down syndrome and the general public, and examine how physical fitness and functioning of adults with Down syndrome changes when they age.  Many of our projects involve community engagement of both frail and healthy older people.  This effectively promotes elderly volunteerism as empowerment which enforces productive aging and a thriving society.




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