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2021-08 August-September 2021

第6屆黃金時代展覽暨高峰會及首屆智齡世代大獎 2021
The 6th Golden Age Expo & Summit cum the 1st Smart Ageing Award 2021
Reimagining Smart Ageing City

(CoA as Academic Partner)

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2021-07-2 31 July, 2021

Impact Startup Challenge (Gerontology) 

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2021-07 July 2021

WHO in the Western Pacific adopted the Regional Action Plan on Healthy Ageing

(CoA as Academic Partner)

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2021-06 July - October 2021

SciTech Challenge 2021 : Technology Enabled by Voice

(CoA as Supporting Organization)

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2021-01 February 2, 2021 – March 16, 2021

PolyU Jockey Club Operation SoInno | Action Project

(CoA as Strategic Partner of S11 Community Planning in an Age-friendly Community)


Kowloon Park Fitness Trail Intergenerational Play Space

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