Recruitment of Healthy Participants

Recruitment of Healthy Participants for “Ageing with Down syndrome” Research


Sau Po Centre on Ageing is now jointly conducting a research with the Institute of Human Performance about the ageing of adults with Down syndrome (DS). Through a series of fitness assessment, this study aims at understanding the difference in ageing process between people with DS and the general public. Accordingly, we are looking forhealthy Chinese in Hong Kong to participate in the physical test. The data collected will be used to compare with that of the DS participants. The participant will receive a physical fitness test report.


Target: male aged 25-49; female aged 40-44

Health Condition: no cardiovascular disease, not taking blood pressure medicine, not advised by any health professionals to stop doing exercise or not suitable for doing exercise

Exercise habit: less than 3 times per week with duration less than 30 minutes each time

Venue: IHP Active facility, 3/F, Jockey Club Tower of the Centennial Campus


            For people who are interested in participating in this study, please contact us at 3917-7852 or email to Non-HKU students and staff are also welcome.


Since the test requires much physical effort of the participant, if you are interested in taking part in this research, please refer to the items of assessment below and consider whether your health condition is suitable for the test.



Content and potential risk


Demographic information and medical history; no potential risk

2.Blood pressure

Measure blood pressure; no potential risk

3.Body mass index (BMI), waist circumstance

Measure body weight, height and waist circumstance; no potential risk

4.Functional muscular fitness, upper and lower body strength

Functional muscular fitness will be assessed by using the 30-second chair sit to stand test. Upper and lower body strength will also be assessed by a 3-repetition maximum (3-RM) test using Keiser pneumatic variable-resistance machines; potential risk is low

5.Cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness will be assessed by using the Treadmill Walking Test with modified Bruce Protocol. Participants will walk on a treadmill for about 18 minutes. Researcher will increase the speed and gradient gradually until participants reach the expected maximum heart rate or feel fatigue.









對象:  男性25-49歲 ; 女性40-44歲

健康狀況:  沒有心血管疾病、沒有服用血壓藥、未有獲建議不適合做運動

運動習慣:  每星期運動少於三次及每次少於三十分鐘

測試地點:  百周年校園賽馬會教學樓3樓


            有興趣參加本研究的人士可致電 3917-7852 或電郵yenkit@hku.hk與職員聯絡。本研究亦歡迎非香港大學的學生及職員參加。















進行30秒坐椅站立運動及最大反覆次數肌力水準測試(3-repetition maximum),預計風險極低。





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