Recruitment of Family Caregivers







  • 現正照顧一位六十歲或以上,經醫生確診為中度或嚴重認知障礙症的長者;
  • 該長者現正使用安老院舍照顧服務不多於一年,或現正使用社區照顧服務; 及
  • 確認自己是該認知障礙症長者的主要照顧者 (不包括受聘工人/家庭傭工)


訪問時間: 約1小時




有興趣參加本研究的人士可致電 3917 1756 (陳先生) 或3917 1760 (劉小姐) 聯絡。



Recruitment of Family Caregivers for

“Family Caregiving and Long-term Care Decision of People with Dementia in Hong Kong” Research


Sau Po Centre on Ageing is now conducting a research about long-term care (LTC) decision among family caregivers of people with dementia in Hong Kong. This study aims to describe and categorize the pattern of LTC services use among elderly with dementia as well as identify the intentions, reasons and perceived events leading to the decision of transition to residential care. The target participants of the study are the family caregivers who are currently taking care of elderly with dementia.


The inclusion criteria of family caregiver:

  • Caring an elderly aged 60 years old or above, and was diagnosed as moderate or severe dementia.
  • The elderly is currently living in a nursing home less than one year / using community care services; and
  • Identify himself/herself as the main caregiver of the elderly (Not including domestic helper)


Interview Time: Approximately 1 hour


*Participant will receive HK$100 cash coupon upon completion of the interview.


For people who are interested in participating in this study, please contact Mr. Chan at 3917 1756 or Ms. Mandy Lau at 3917 1760.



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