Ph.D. & M.Phil. in Gerontology

Sau Po Centre on Ageing is one of the research centres under the Faculty of Social Sciences which has been ranked 25th in the world and the first in Asia based on the latest Times Higher Education Survey. To purse research and academic excellence, high calibre candidates are welcome to apply for the Ph.D. / M.Phil. Programme offered by the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong.

Faculty’s fields of interests in Gerontology

A list of Department’s faculty and their fields of interest is enclosed below to facilitate your application. You are strongly encouraged to approach the faculty first before submitting your application form since your application will be assessed by relevant faculty members.

Name Field of interest in Gerontology Email
Professor CHAN L.W. Cecilia Integrative Body-mind-spirit wellbeing; health and social work; practice research; death; bereavement; loss and trauma; NGO management; capacity building and empowerment intervention
Professer HO S.Y. Petula Qualitative research, gender and sexuality issues
Professor HO T.H. Rainbow Dance movement therapy; creative arts therapy; psychophysiology, psycho-oncology; psychosocial intervention; movement analysis; verbal and non-verbal communications; spirituality in counseling and psychotherapy, exercises and health
Professor LUM Y.S. Terry Long term care, productive ageing, social policy, gerontology.
Professor TSE S.K. Samson Recovery oriented and strengths-based interventions for individuals affected by mental illness, bipolar disorder, problem gambling
Professor WONG F.K. Daniel Cognitive behavior therapy, mental health counselling, migration and mental health, community Mental health
Professor YIP S.F. Paul Suicide research and prevention; demography; biostatistics; and population health studies
Dr CHAN H.Y. Celia Counseling and psychology on reproductive health (e.g. infertility and assisted reproduction technology, reproductive loss, antenatal and postnatal mood disorders); Couple counseling; family mediation; Integrated Body-mind-spirit Model; Life and death education; Ethical leadership and professional endeavor through service learning
Dr CHOW Y.M. Amy Bereavement; end-of-life care; death and dying; life and death education and research self-efficacy
Dr CHUI W.T. Ernest Elderly; community development; housing; social policy; urban renewal; social work education, politics
Dr EMERY C.R. Domestic violence; child maltreatment; refugees; informal social control
Dr LOU W.Q. Vivian Social gerontology including psychological and spiritual wellbeing; social support; long-term care; family caregiving; and grandparenting
Dr RAN Maosheng Social Development and Mental Health, Community Mental Health, Family Intervention; Suicide and Mental Illness; Health Disparities
Dr NG S.M. Mental health and Chinese medicine psychology, family expressed emotions and schizophrenia, mindfulness and spirituality
Dr TSANG K.M. Sandra Parent education; child and adolescent assessment and intervention; special education; gambling and drug prevention; family service review and development.
Dr WONG W.C. Paul Suicidal behaviour across the lifespan; evidence-based practices for mental illnesses and suicidal behavior; information technology and mental illness and mental health; mental health promotion;
Dr CHOI W.M. Anna Family violence; intimate partner violence; in-law conflict; conflict resolution; family and children work.
Dr HUANG Y.T. Adolescent mental health; sexual minority youth; immigrant youth and families; intersections of minority identities; epistemology of social work research
Dr JORDAN L.P Migration/immigration, social policy, community and social development; family studies
Dr LAW Y.W. Frances Service utilization and access to care, community-based mental health program , social work practice, and , social service evaluation
Dr LU S Family migration and child development; nonprofit capacity building; intervention research; international social work
Dr. LUO H Big data analytics in health and mental health; health policy; chronic illness and frailty; gerontology; tests and measurements in social research; standardized assessment in long-term care
Dr Wang S.H. Julia Poverty, immigration, international social welfare, child and family welbeing, social policy analysis, intervention research, cost-effectiveness/benefit-cost analysis
Dr WONG H.Y. Gloria Youth and old age mental health; stigma, help-seeking and public awareness for mental health problems; psychopathology (delusion); cognitive intervention; healthy ageing; neurocognitive disorders (dementia and psychosis)


For more details about the programme, please refer to the website of HKU Department of Social Work and Social Administration:

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Programme Director
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Programme Secretary
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