M.Soc.Sc. in Gerontology

The Master of Social Sciences in Gerontology is a one-year full-time / two-year part-time programme offered by Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong.




In view of the rapid ageing of the population in Asia, the programme aims at promoting innovative teaching and learning in gerontology as well as contributing to the development of ageing societies like Mainland China and the cultivation of leaders in elderly-related policy and aged-care services. Emphasis is placed on both theoretical and practical skills.

Learning outcomes

After the completion of this programme, students should be able to

  • possess the most advanced knowledge in gerontology and contemporary issues related to older adults;
  • possess the ability to conduct critical intellectual inquiry in gerontology in the light of the best available evidence;
  • possess the ability to generate enquiries about the issues in gerontology and derive an appropriate response;
  • understand, appraise, and analyze the impact of ageing in a global and societal context;
  • identify, formulate, and solve novel and ill-defined problems related to aged population;
  • function well in a multi-disciplinary team of gerontology and communicate effectively with the team members orally and in writing; and
  • demonstrate the potential of becoming responsive leaders in gerontology, especially in policy advocacy.

For more details about the program, please refer to the website of HKU Department of Social Work and Social Administration:

Master of Social Sciences (Gerontology) Programme