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Dr. LOU, Wei-qun Vivian  

Dr. Lou Vivian W. Q. is the Director of Sau Po Centre on Ageing at The University of Hong Kong. She is also an Associate Professor at Department of Social Work & Social Administration. She is now teaching social gerontology, clinical gerontology, care management, and human development for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her research interests focus on family gerontology, in particular family caregiving for frail older adults and grandchildren, intergenerational support, social adaptation and mental health of Chinese older adult. She also has a keen interest in practice research on factors that contribute to the enhancement of psycho-spiritual well-being of Chinese older adults. She had publications in journals such as Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, The Gerontologist, Aging and Mental Health, and Social Indicators Research. Dr. Lou is presently a council member of Hong Kong Association of Gerontology and fellow of the Gerontology Society of America.

Tel      : (852) 3917 4835 / 2831 5334
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Dr. Lou at The HKU Scholars Hub

 Associate Directors 

Dr. CHOW, Yin-man Amy

Dr. Chow is Associate Professor in Department of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong. She is a registered social worker with the specialization in bereavement counseling. She was the former Centre Director and founder of the Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre of the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care. She was certified in Thanatology awarded by the Association of Death Education and Counseling in 2004 and has been awarded the Fellow in Thanatology in 2008. She is currently Associate Fellow of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. Her achievement in bereavement research is well recognized locally and internationally. She received the Association for Death Education and Counseling 2005 Cross-Cultural Award. In 2008, she was awarded as the CADENZA Fellow. She received the Best Abstract Award (Researcher) in 2010 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development.

Tel      : (852) 3917 5530
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Dr. Chow at The HKU Scholars Hub


Prof. CHU, Leung-wing

Prof. Chu has been in the field of medicine and geriatrics for over twenty years. He has built a strong network in the field with his active involvement in several professional committees and associations. He is Specialist in Geriatric Medicine Hong Kong Brain Memory Centre; Honorary Clinical Professor, and Academic Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Medicine Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong Kong; and Chairman, HKU Alzheimer's Disease Research Network. 

Tel      : (852) 2255 3315
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Prof. LEE, Mei-chun Tatia

Prof. Lee is Head of Department of Psychology, May Professor in Neuropsychology and Chair Professor in Department of Psychology at The University of Hong Kong. She is the founding Director of Institute of Clinical Neuropsychology in Hong Kong, and the Laboratory of Neuropsychology and Laboratory of Cognitive Affective Neuroscience at The University of Hong Kong. She is the Director of the doctoral programmes in Clinical Psychology at The University of Hong Kong. Prof. Lee has been working in collaboration with clinicians and scientists to unravel the magic power of the human brain, to uncover the neural mechanisms underlying those cognitive affective processes that define the human nature of an individual. She has published extensively and in high impact journals, including Molecular Psychiatry of Nature Publishing Group. She is a member of Editorial Board of Neuropsychologia and an Associate Editor of Social Neuroscience. She has been bestowed with numerous awards for excellence in teaching and research.

Tel      : (852) 3917 8394
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Prof. LUM, Yat-sang Terry

Prof. Lum is Henry G Leong Professor in Social Work and Social Administration; Head and Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong. He is also an elected Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America. Before joining The University of Hong Kong, he was an Associate Professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. Prof. Lum is an expert in long term care and in ageing policy. He received his Bachelor's degree in Economics and his Master's degree in Social Work from The University of Hong Kong. He earned his Ph.D. degree in social work from the Washington University in St. Louis, with special focus on gerontological social work and policy research. Before joining the academia, Prof. Lum worked as a social worker in both Hong Kong and the United States.

Tel      : (852) 3917 8569 / 2831 5210
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Prof. Lum at The HKU Scholars Hub