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Research Assistant Professor

Dr. CHIU, Tuen Yi Jenny


Tel      : (852) 3917 2098
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Dr. TANG, Y.M. Jennifer

Dr. Tang is a researcher with a multidisciplinary background in psychology and psychiatry. She focused her research on the neurocognition and long-term outcome in patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders during her PhD study at the University of Hong Kong. In addition to her formal training in epidemiology at University of Cambridge and post-doctoral experience in the Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, she currently has focused interests in applying epidemiological principles and prospective designs to study the course of dementia, in particular the preclinical, clinical and neurocognitive trajectory of dementia. She is currently a co-investigator of several health-related grants and actively publishes in various international peer-reviewed journals.

Tel      : (852) 3917 5594
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Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. CHEN, Ke(Coco)

Dr Chen is a researcher with an interdisciplinary background. She obtained her BSc in Applied Psychology from Southern Medical University (China). She received her MSocSc in Applied Sociology and PhD in Human Factors and Ergonomics, respectively from City University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include ergonomics in gerontechnology, technology acceptance by older adults, and healthy ageing. She also has passion in teaching. Dr Chen have been teaching in the University of Hong Kong and the Hunan University in a wide spectrum of courses such as public health, behavioral science, psychology in design, statistics in social science. She is a member of the Hong Kong Ergonomics Society. Her current research interests are focusing on gerontechnology and geron-education infusion.

Tel      : (852) 3917 0060
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Dr. LIU, Tianyin (Bridget)

Dr. Liu is a researcher with a wide range of interests ranging from psycholinguistics to development of perceptual expertise, and to her recent focus in cognitive neuroscience. She has been trained in the field of cognitive psychology in Hong Kong and UK, and during her PhD study in the University of Hong Kong, she familiarized herself with different experimental paradigms and methodologies in cognitive science. Apart from doing research, Dr. Liu is also active in teaching. She had tutored Cognitive Psychology, Foundations of Cognitive Science, and Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Psychology courses, and was invited as guest lecturer in Cognitive Psychology class. She is currently involved in several projects investigating the neurocognitive functions among the elderly using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and she has published in various international peer-reviewed journals.

Tel      : (852) 3917 7395
Email  :

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Dr. YANG, Lu (Frances)

Frances is a researcher in health anthropology, yoga, popular culture and cultural studies. She received her Master of Journalism and Communication from Renmin University of China, and completed her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in two programs, Gender Studies and Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was interested in sports journalism during her Master study, and thus became a journalist and column-writer in 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. In the following years, she became a Senior Editor in lifestyle magazine Women’s Health. With six-year working experience in sports, health and culture media, she started her research in body, gender and health during PhD study. Over the past few years, she has participated in research projects involving cultural studies, popular culture, and yoga and ethnographic study. Her current research interests are mainly on ageing across different cultural contexts, yoga and spiritualities, medical anthropology and qualitative methodology applied in health communication.

Tel      : (852) 2831 5333
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