Campus Ageing Mix Project for University Students (CAMPUS)

  • Co-organized with Institute of Active Ageing, PolyU
  • Two-year project from August 2018 to July 2020
  • Funded by ZeShan Foundation


  1. Fostering Geron-Infusion scholar leaders;
  2. Nurturing geriatric knowledge base in learning;
  3. Promoting integration of geriatric knowledge into formal curricula;
  4. Enhancing the institutional capacity of HKU on ageing infusion education. 


Project kicked-off

HKU CoA 20th Anniversary Research Seminar by Prof Ada Mui, on July 13, 2018 [Please insert hyperlink]


Lai, W.L. & Lou, W.Q. (27-28 June, 2018). New Initiative for Social Changes: Infusion Active Ageing Education. Poster presentation at 2018 ARNOVA-Asia Conference, Hong Kong.


1. Age-friendly University
2. World Health Organization Healthy Ageing
3. GeroRich project, funded by John Hartford foundation
4. Reframing ageing