Seminars and Conferences

20181025 25 October, 2018

Research on the Functional Weakening of Family Support and Social Support on the Old-caring in Poverty

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20181009 9 October, 2018

Seminar on “Dementia Intervention in a Low-resources Area: The Example of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in Africa”

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20180823 23 August, 2018

Mobile Apps and the Informal Caregiving of Elders in Singapore

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20180713 13 July, 2018

Hong Kong Ageing 2.1 : Image, capacity and vulnerability

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20180306 6 March 2018

研究講座 : 中國內地長期護理保險試點 的探索和需注意問題

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20180105 5 January, 2018

Political Economy and the Building of China’s Long-Term Care Labor Force: Critical, Comparative, and Historical Perspectives

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