Seminars and Conferences

2014-12-12 12 December, 2014

Symposium on Social Innovation in Creative Intergenerational Solidarity

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20141120 20 November, 2014

第二十一屆香港國際腫瘤會議 寧養社會工作專業論壇



20141007 08 November, 2014



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20140626 08 July, 2014

The Regulation of Care Work in the US: Past Pitfalls, Present Trends, and Future Promises


20140617 23 Jun, 2014

Health correlates of psychological well-being among Chinese centenarians – Toward a biopsychosocial approach of successful ageing.


2014-06-67 6 -7 June, 2014

International Alzheimer’s Disease Conference 2014

“Early Detection, Treatment & Prevention of Dementia: Patients’ and Caregivers’ Perspectives”

(Co-organized by CoA and other faculties/units in HKU)

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2014-03-07 07 March, 2014

SWSA and COA Research Seminar Series

Blood Pressure Variability – A Novel Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Diseases and Dementia


2014-02-18 03 March, 2014

Seminar on Why Go Intergenerational? The Added Value Argument