Ph.D. & M.Phil. in Gerontology

Sau Po Centre on Ageing is one of the research centres under the Faculty of Social Sciences which has been ranked 25th in the world and the first in Asia based on the latest Times Higher Education Survey. To purse research and academic excellence, high calibre candidates are welcome to apply for the Ph.D. / M.Phil. Programme offered by the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong.

Faculty’s fields of interests in Gerontology

A list of Department’s faculty and their fields of interest is enclosed below to facilitate your application. You are strongly encouraged to approach the faculty first before submitting your application form since your application will be assessed by relevant faculty members.

Name Field of interest in Gerontology Email
Dr. LUM Yat Sang, Terry Long term care policy, quality of life of older people, aging in place and community care, social gerontology, health policy, informal care giving, productive aging, and comparative studies in aging policy across geographic and cultural boundaries
Dr. LOU Wei Qun, Vivian Long-term care, family caregiving, psychological well-being,  spiritual well-being, evidence-based practice
Dr. CHUI Wing Tak, Ernest Elderly housing, long term care, retirement protection
Prof. CHOW Wing Sun, Nelson  Older adults support  hrnwcws@
Prof. CHAN Lai Wan, Cecilia Chronic illness, community rehabilitation and end-of-life care
Prof. LEUNG Cho Bun, Joe Social security and pension
Prof. YIP Siu Fai, Paul Ageing and its impact to social, psycho and economic needs
Dr. YAN Chau Wai, Elsie Elder abuse, dementia care and caregiver stress
Dr. CHEUNG Siu Lan, Karen Centenarian studies and healthy longevity


For more details about the programme, please refer to the website of HKU Department of Social Work and Social Administration:

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Programme Director
Dr. Ho, Petula Sik Ying         (Tel: 3917 2091          Email:

Programme Secretary
Miss Wan Cheuk Wing          (Tel: 3917 5849          Email:

Programme Assistant
Mr. Sam Lee                         (Tel: 3917 2097          Email: